California State Lands Commission

The California State Lands Commission Mineral Resources Management Division is responsible for the safe and environmentally sound development, regulation, and management of all energy and mineral resources on sovereign and school lands under the jurisdiction of the Commission. These resources include oil, gas, geothermal energy, gold and other solid minerals. In managing the prudent development of these resources, the Division’s highest priorities are public safety, environmental protection, and maximizing revenue generation

Mar 15, 2023  
$12,167 - $15,234 monthly
The Mineral Resources Engineer series of classes describes work concerned with the control and administration of leases issued for oil, gas, geothermal and mineral extraction from State-owned or controlled lands. Principal work assignments include the performance of complex engineering work and the supervision of surface and subsurface geological studies designed to determine conformance with lease operating conditions; preparation of geological maps, cross sections and charts and the inspection of State lands under application for mineral lease and prospecting permit. See the full posting on CalCareers :   CalCareers
California State Lands Commission Hybrid (Long Beach, CA, USA) Full time