Jan 15, 2023

Alexander Kataev

  • Geologist
  • Tashkent, UZ
Full time Oil & Gas Production and Operations Research Reservoir Science

Personal Summary

Experienced reservoir geologist and project manager with 15+ years of expertise in oil and gas production companies. I'm good at working in cross-functional teams in multinational environment. Strategic and operational management of modelling teams at subsidiary companies.
Previous experiences include successful launch of number of petroleum production projects, working with unconventional tight plays (abnormally high temperature and pressure, extremely low permeability). Proven track-record of operational exellence in complex projects with high budgets, requiring critical time dependent decision making.

Work Experience

Reservoir engineering and geology team leader
Jul 2017 - Oct 2022 NOVATEK

NOVATEK - №3 globally among publicly traded companies by proved
natural gas reserves under SEC, total production 626.0 million barrels of oil equivalent per year.

● Optimizing field development strategy by geological and engineering data analysis and integration.
● Enhancing production by using complex geological models.
● Identifying and recommending opportunities for wells placement.
● Constructing and auditing geomodels for assets from frontier exploration and new field
developments to mature producing assets.
● Performing 3D structural, stratigraphic, geophysical, sedimentological, petrophysical and fluid saturation modeling by incorporating leading-edge methodologies and workflows,
including evaluation of risk and resource assessment.
● Providing geoscience input to multi-disciplinary projects, including resource evaluations,
field development studies, reservoir characterization and redetermination assessments.
● Managing projects including managing the project team, project deliverables and ensuring
adherence to timescales and budgets.
● Working with reservoir engineers and reserve auditors to determine reserve estimations.
● Work closely with drilling, production engineering, and reservoir engineering teams and champion operational activities from planning to execution using a collaborative work
● Analyzing of the geological, geophysical and production data; correlation of formations, real
time geosteering.
● Working within a multi-functional team.
● Assigning, directing and reviewing work of technicians and junior engineers. Mentoring
junior team members.
Main achievements. Production launch from Urengoyskoye field, annual production is 4 bcm of natural gas and 1.3 mmt of gas condensate. Increase amount of high production wells by 23%, by
creating and managing department of geosteering from scratch. Prolonged production on mature
producing assets, by auditing complex geological data.

Senior Head of Modeling Department
Oct 2013 - Jul 2017 ARCTICGAS

● Updating and monitoring 3D models for continuous operations and business plan forecasting.
● Modeling of achimov tight sand turbidite formation incorporating structural, stratigraphic,
geophysical, petrophysical data.
● Working closely with reservoir engineers on production wells planning.
● Performing volumetric uncertainty analysis and creating detailed workflows reproducing all
stages of modelling.
● Creating geological targets and geosteering, over 100 successful horizontal wells, on SSTVD
3000-4000 m with anomaly high pore pressure.
● Working with reservoir engineers and reserve auditors to determine reserve estimations, 3
resources assessments by DeGolyer and MacNaughton.
● Working within a multi-functional team.
● Assigning, directing and reviewing work of technicians and junior engineers. Mentoring
junior team members.

Dec 2009 - Oct 2013 Institute of Modeling and Scientific Expertise

● Performing 2D structural, stratigraphic, petrophysical and fluid saturation modeling.
● Conducting research projects on five fields in West Siberia (Tevlino-Russkinskoe, Severo-

Konitlorskoe and etc.) including data analysis, stratigraphic correlation (about 3500 wells),
stratigraphic, petrophysical, fluid saturation modeling, reserve estimation.
● Performing resources assessments of two oil and gas fields in Republic of Kalmykia,
presentation in the State Commission for Reserves of Commercial Minerals.
● Teaching structural geology (geological mapping).
● Teaching the basics of 3D geological modeling.


- Jan 2015 Stanford University Online
graduate studies
Jan 2010 - Jan 2013 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas
- Jan 2013 ENI
Jan 2005 - Jan 2010 Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas