Jan 13, 2023


  • Petroleum production engineer
  • Turkey
Full time Oil & Gas Production and Operations

Personal Summary

Key skills
Communication skills: activities in group work and aim to understand friends and class mates during group work and assignments
Acknowledging the essence and great benefits gotten from fully understanding an individual's point of view.
Leadership experience: worked as time keeper and flag bearer at high school. Welcome criticism and makes friendships after every misunderstanding. Serving as a default ambassador of the health club during my high school days.
Presently serving as:
*Vice president of the petroleum and natural gas engineering department
*Vice president of Cameroons student society in Cyprus International University
Quickly owning up and taking responsibilities for either good or bad situations entrusted into my care.
IT skills, moderate Microsoft office and Microsoft word

Work Experience

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Collect Documents from aspiring University candidates.

Help in filling their registration forms into their desired Universities.

Update my boss, who in turn updates the aspiring students on their statuses and University announcements.

Receive in coming students from the air port.

Serve as the student guide in their new environments and University campus.

Guide them on how to complete their registration.

Finally inform them on the legal responsibilities as international students and give advise on their scale of preference as concerned with serving as international students.


Petroleum and natural gas engineering
Sep 2018 - Cyprus International University