Dec 15, 2022

Adetomiwa Aderemi

  • Reservoir Geologist
  • Scotland, UK
Full time Geothermal Petroleum Engineering Research Reservoir Science

Personal Summary

Experience in: field development, geomechanics, wellsite operations, well delivery (horizontal & deviated wells), seismic interpretation, geomodelling uncertainty quantification and reservoir simulation and surveillance, multi-scale subsurface data analysis & reservoir characterization; including core description, core-to-log integration, Quicklook petrophysical analysis, etc. seeking an opportunity to combine my experience in geoscience and apply the engineering knowledge gained from my masters to contribute to energy solutions in the full life cycle of any asset.


* Software: Proficient in GeoGraphix, Petrel, Interactive Petrophysics, Techlog, DecisionSpace well planning, Surfer, MicroStation (Cartography), Avizo and Fiji-ImageJ (for digital image analysis), RE Studio and Pan System (for reservoir simulation & well test interpretation).

* Analytical: Mudlogging, X-ray/neutron tomography, petrography, field outcrop mapping, core description, geosteering operations, field studies: uncertainty and risk analysis.

Work Experience

Development Geologist
Sep 2015 - Oct 2021 Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd

·         Project Geoscientist: Planning and development of a 4-well campaign which involved revising the seismic interpretation, full field stratigraphic correlation, formation evaluation & data acquisition program and hydrocarbon reserves re-evaluation of Ogbele field (OML 54). By working with a cross functional technical team to plan and drill high angle (81°) deviated wells, oil production was increased by ca. 8,000 bbls/d and three new, deep reservoirs were discovered which increased gas reserves by 40 bcf.


·         Associate Geoscientist: Integrated field study building 3D static and dynamic models with Schlumberger in-house team which provided key insights and a renewed subsurface opportunity/risk register & strategy for the further field development of Ogbele field (OML 54). This study also unlocked ca. 30MMscf/d of gas by applying good Well, Reservoir, and Facility Management (WFRM) techniques during screening of re-perforation candidates for a gas swing well via a Two-String Multiple zone recompletion in Ogbele field and reduced drilling tolerance and out-of-zone metrics by 50%.


·         Geologist (Subsurface Team): participated in conferences / workshops e.g., IDSL Nigeria - WesternGeco Alliance towards new geophysical technology to solve E&P challenges. Following up with recommendations of new workflows, case-based proof of concept prior to technology adoption. Example of recommendations include;

•            Broadband acquisition and processing workflow: which maintains amplitude and phase characteristics thereby improving vertical resolution especially for deeper targets.

•            A prestack data fitting mechanism via Full Waveform Inversion (that performs a global data misfit analysis) which enhances the resolution in the velocity model via detailed delineation of anisotropic parameters.

·         Peer review role: Asset value creation for two appraisal-exploratory field studies in Nigeria

•          Initiated a database management strategy which improved collaboration across Petrophysics, Geology & Geophysics and Reservoir Engineering Teams which led to the successful maturation of OML 53-South and OPL 227’s appraisal drilling in Nigeria.

Trainee Geologist
Jun 2014 - Aug 2015 Niger Delta Petroleum Resources Ltd

* Wellsite Geologist: drilling and lower completion of Ogbele-8, Ogb-9 and Ogb-7St2, Ogb-11 and Ogb-10. Updated all top structural maps, isopachs and cross sections to assist in well planning and in according to post-drill results. Coordinated the drafting of final maps to company standards using cartographic software.

* Associate Geologist: Supported periodical reserves recertification exercise of independent 3rd party evaluator (such as RISC, NSAI Inc., etc.) according to SPE-PRMS guidelines for reserves-based lending (RBL).


Master of Science in Reservoir Evaluation & Management - Reservoir Evaluation & Management
Sep 2021 - Dec 2022 Heriot-Watt University
Bachelor of Science in Geology - Geology
Oct 2006 - Jan 2011 Obafemi Awolowo University