Apr 25, 2022


  • Site Engineer
  • Istanbul, TR
Full time Drilling Geothermal Oil & Gas Production and Operations Petroleum Engineering Safety Engineering

Personal Summary

I graduated from B.Sc. Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering, B.Sc. Civil Engineering, M.Sc. Occupational Health and Safety, Associate Degree Law departments.

I worked in • BOTAS Tuz Golu Underground Storage Expansion Project (UGS) • Karadeniz Holding Umurlu Geothermal Power Plant Drilling Project, • GYP Drilling, Completion and Production Project • BOTAS Crude Petroleum Pipeline Project • Akfen Holding Bulvar Loft Housing Project

• Oil and Gas • Upstream • Midstream • Downstream • Geothermal • Geothermal • Underground Gas Storage (UGS) • Drilling • Natural Gas Pipeline • Crude Oil Pipeline • Energy • Energy Conservation • Energy Efficiency • Renewable Energy • Hidroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) • Solar Power Plant • Wind Power Plant (WPP) • Geothermal Power Plant (GPP) • Combined Cycle Power Plant (CCPP)

Work Experience

Site Engineer
Nov 2019 - Oct 2020 ME-ADS

Botas Tuz Golu Underground Storage Expansion Project (UGS) 

(Aksaray City, Turkey)

About UGS Project;
◦ Its cost is about 1.2 billion dollars
◦ 40 Well Top Hole Drilling Operation
◦ 40 Well Main Drilling Operation
◦ 40 Well Completion Operation
◦ 40 Cavern Leaching Operation
◦ 40 Underground Gas Storage Facility
◦ Fresh Water Supply Pipelines: 117,17 km
◦ Brine Discharge Pipelines: 30 km
◦ Natural Gas Pipelines: 20 km
◦ Energy Transmission Lines: 67 km
◦ Subsurface and Surface Facilities

Intern Civil Engineer
Oct 2018 - Nov 2018 Akfen Holding

Bulvar Loft Housing Project

( Ankara City, Turkey )

Land Area 36.947 m2 Construction Area 169.750 m2 Number of Houses 822 (6 Blocks) Number of Commercial Areas 31 Social Equipment and Landscaping Area 69% of the apartments,
◦ To follow the production of the teams in the field,
◦ To report field manufacturing progress,
◦ To follow the production of the teams in the field,
◦ To follow the works of sub-contractors,
◦ Carry out checks on progress payments,
◦ To prepare progress payments and submit them to the Project management,
I gained experience by staying in the campsite for 50 days in areas such as ensuring that the productions in the field are in compliance with the project and specifications.

Intern Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineer
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015 GYP | Guney Yildizi Petroleum Production, Drilling Contracting and Trade Inc.

Caybası Drilling, Well Completion and Production Project

( Adıyaman City, Turkey )

Drilling and Well Completion Operations
◦ Drilling Technique
◦ Core Collection and Analysis
◦ Drill System Test (DST)
◦ Well Logs
◦ Casing and Cementing
◦ Perforation
◦ Pickling
◦ Swabbing

Production Operations
◦ Production Pumps
◦ Production Systems
◦ Measurement of Annulus Liquid Level
◦ Fluid Flow Analysis
◦ Well Bottom Fluid Sampling Method
◦ Well Bottom Pressure Tests
◦ Production Test, PI and IPR Curves
◦ Production Flow Drop Curves
◦ Problematic Wells and Analysis

Petroleum Properties and Reservoirs
◦ Petroleum and its Formation
◦ Physical and Chemical Properties of Petroleum
◦ Petroleum Reservoirs
◦ Reservoir Transfer Mechanisms
◦ Reservoir Fluid Properties
◦ Calculation of on-site Hydrocarbon Volume
I gained experience by staying in the camp area for 25 days in areas such as Managing, Planning and Coaching.

Intern Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineer
Jun 2014 - Aug 2014 BOTAS | Petroleum Pipeline Corporation

Crude Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Project

( Hatay City, Turkey )

◦ Formation, Properties, Exploration and Production of Petroleum
◦ Petroleum Production and Statistics in Turkey
◦ Existing Crude Petroleum Pipelines
◦ Crude Petroleum Transportation and Properties to be Considered
I gained experience in Crude Petroleum Calculations, Tank Closing Operations, Pumping and Transfer
Operations, Planning, Coaching, Field Experience, Execution and Implementation


Sep 2019 - Sep 2021 Anadolu University
Civil Engineering
Aug 2016 - Nov 2018 Kahramanmaras Sutcuimam University
Occupational Health and Safety
Sep 2016 - May 2017 Istanbul Gelisim University
Petroleum and Natural Gas Engineering
Sep 2012 - May 2016 Iskenderun Technical University