Sep 29, 2021

sayed ismail

  • Operation Manager
  • Calgary, AB, CA
Full time Oil & Gas Production and Operations QA-Quality Control Research Safety Engineering Training

Personal Summary

• Petroleum Geoscientist with over 20years of experience in a diverse Geoscience area.
• Executed and managed several international upstream projects as well as coaching and mentoring professionals from different cultures and ethnics.
• Set up and managed tenders process to develop a wildcat block at MENA region through out a comprehensive feasibility studies.
• Experienced in utilizing several Seismic Design, Processing and Interpretation/Modeling techniques to plan, design and interpretive process Surface 2D/3D seismic and Borehole Seismic data.
• Utilized Hampson Russel HRS and Petrel packages to extract attributes and AVO/Inversion analysis. Investigated a new and novel workflow for integration into services and software.


• Designed& project managed (tender preparations) seismic acquisition and processing (Conv and Un-Conventional).
• Set up a scope of work and QC/QA (in-situ as it needed) to ultimately achieve a 3D seismic surveys and its processing programs.
• Coaching and mentoring multi-cultural staff for "how to do it from wildcat planning to assigning well locations according to international standard level.
• Pro-actively participated in growing the services offering qualifications, skills and experience.

Work Experience

Operation Manager
Jan 2017 - Present Canada Cord Ltd

• Free lancer consultation for several operators at MENA and North America..
• Set up a plan and feasibility studies for explore and Develop blocks at Kazakhstan, MENA.

Instructor / Consultant
Jan 2013 - Jan 2016 Petroskills OGCI Inc

• Instructed several upstream courses as well as involved of a comprehensive technology transfer programs.
• Mentored a middle eastern professional in the upstream fields in order to enhance their performances.

Upst Projects Manager
Jan 2013 - Nov 2016 Houston-Calgary

• Set up and introduced Hampson-Russel technology for OEC-TPAO, Iraq/Turkey with full involvement for producing geological driven processed SC data to be competent for extracting DHI characters.
• Provided onsite consultations and advises for Upstream international teams, utilizing an integration of G&G results into a better understanding the reservoirs behavior; Significant achievements in mitigating drilling risk through outsourcing contracts with giant firms such as Adnoc/Adma (UAE), TPAO (\Iraq-Turkey), OEC (Iraq), Gulf Sands (North Iraq) and Pemex (Mexico).

Chief Geoscientist/Deputy Expl Manager
Jan 2010 - Jan 2013 GPSL Co

• Designed, Modeled and managed (several QC/QA field trips) 3D high resolution surface seismic simultaneously acquired with multi-walkaway VSP's forGulf sands Ltd in north east Syria. Performed the crews start-up Technical Audit and reviewed the HSE regulations, Coached and mentored a local staff through out the entire Surveysto assure and the daily productions as well as to report it daily, weekly and monthly
• Set up commercial and technical scope of works for Acquisition, processing and inversion of 3D seismic programs.
• Attended a several data room meetings in order to Set up a business plan and feasibility studies to acquire several blocks atMENA region such as Syria, North Iraq, Tunisia..etc.

Senior.Geoph, Team Leader
Jan 2000 - Jan 2008 ARAMCO-Saudi

• Conducted a comprehensive feasibility studies to develop a major overseas oil fields located in several areas such as Gulf of Arabia's, Gulf of Mexico, Gulf of Sirt, North Africa, Middle East etc.
• Designed and Processed several3D programs jointed with VSP's (Zero&Far offset, Walk away and Massive 3D VSP) using OMNI, TESSERAL(FW modeling), GeoTomo, VISTA.
• Liaise with multi-nationality clients such as ADNOC-UAE, ARAMCO-Saudi, PEMEX-Mexico and others regarding 3D feasibility studies, 3-D SED Survey Evaluation and Design.
• supervising a 3D's high resolution seismic in North Africa to implement and improve data quality Increased production and implemented HSE standards.
• Evaluated the past geophysical activities over Yemen Block-9; Masila basin and Block-4.
• Managed a 2D/3D seismic acquisition and processing programs as well as utilizing Hampson Russel for data management as well as extracting AVO attributes and Inversion.

Field QC and Designer
Jan 1994 - Jan 1999 SSL-Geco-Prakla

• Quality Control Assurance Supervisor providing technical assistance and QC supervision for Land 3-D, Transition Zone Geophysical Surveys. Followed by field 3D data processing.
• Operated Systems such as Sercel 388/388, RAS-24, DFS-VII, MDS16, MDS-18, OYO DFM 480, I/O System One and Two, Seistronix, I/O System 4, Sercel 408UL, 408ULX, MicroMAX, ProMAX

Jan 2008 - Jan 2010 Calgary-Egypt

interpretation and prospect generation through structural mapping and seismic attribute analysis.
• QC'ed and evaluated the pitfalls contamination on the vintage data in order to minimize the drilling risk.
• introduced and evaluated a new G&G techniques to Exploration& Exploitation teams for better performance.


- Jan 2019
- Jan 2007
M.Sc. - Geophysics
- Jan 2000