Feb 16, 2023

Michael Sutherland

  • Lead or Senior Engineer
  • Wylie, TX, 75098, US
Full time Completions Consultant Drilling Oil & Gas Production and Operations Petroleum Engineering

Personal Summary

My education and experiences allow me to bridge the gap between data analytics and higher level engineering and reporting design. My history as a process-flow engineer, accounting liaison, and production forecaster paired with the ability to build analytical tools and analysis reports in Excel, SQL, PHP, and web-design languages gives me a unique skillset to interface with complicated data and present the results in a variety of formats.

My time in Corporate management and V.P. Of Operations for oil and gas companies give me a solid base to lead teams and projects.

Work Experience

Senior Production Engineer
Jan 2019 - Mar 2022 Perdure Petroleum

I developed a unique evaluation tool to systematically evaluate the projected run-costs, production output, and economic
impact of every asset within the Texas region of the company. That work allowed the Texas region to become the only
part of the company to operate when production prices dipped below $30 per bbl. Look-back analysis of production and expenses concluded the estimates were within 5% of actuals.

I built a company-wide data acquisition program (in Excel) to acquire governmental formatted data on the carbon footprint across all the fields of the entire company which allowed for the easy acquisition and evaluation of carbon production
from all assets. I used my production forecasting and reserves program experience to build a region-wide production
forecasting and budget tool to compare actuals vs estimates, scrub all incoming invoices for validity, and highlight
downfalls in operational costs.

I led a team of both company employees and 3rd party programmers to build new data analytics tools for monthly invoice
approval and validation which took 3 days of work each month to an average of 2 hours each month.

I built dashboards in web pages, in SQL database-backed visualizations, and in macro-supported Excel programs to collect
and process information on daily, weekly, and monthly basis for reporting to governmental entities and the board of the company.

I built a region-wide web-based program to house and organize all our projects, the associated documents and files, and to allow our team to all have access to the newest information on 50+ ongoing projects.

Successfully demonstrated the data analysis of underground pressure variations from injection flows at 4500' deep after
normalizing pressure variations out of the data from the gravitational pull of the moon to ascertain connectivity of the target reservoir.

V.P. Operations and Analytics
Jan 2016 - Jan 2019 31 Operating Company

I was responsible for the economic analysis, operational budget, and production forecast of all producing fields of the company. I created economic and production analytical tools to understand production flow dynamics, poor performing
assets, and the financial impact of field trends.

I used Excel, SQL, and a variety of proprietary software programs to connect the accounting division to the production and
operations projections to evaluate successes and failures of capital campaigns. Evaluated all incoming acquisitions and
presented multi-million-dollar bids to potential sellers. Built accounting reports in two different accounting programs and reformatted the Joint-Interest-Billing routines for our accountants.

Region Manager - Engineering and Operations
Jan 2010 - Jan 2016 Merit Energy Company

I was the Region manager for North Texas, and Michigan which includes over $20 million dollars in development, $2.3
million dollars in monthly costs, $800k of monthly net revenue, while supervising over 100 employees in the office and the field. Daily tasks for this position include authorizing funds up to $250k, calculating accruals each month, reviewing
engineering designs and procedures before approval, running region economics, forecasts, adjusting net reserves and net
present values in Aries based on company hurdles and criteria. I spent a great deal of time each month using Aries to forecast declines, prove reserves, and make economic evaluations for acquisitions and divestitures for my region.

Senior Operations Engineer Merit Energy Company - Dallas, TX
I was responsible for field development, waterflood conformance, and reservoir calculations such as OOIP/EUR/REC along with legal work including the creation of lease/operations/disposal agreements. The focus of this position was to guide
operations in my area regarding P&A work, permitting, completions, drilling, and to help in reservoir studies.

Operations/Completions Engineer
Jan 2008 - Jan 2010 J.W. Operating Company

I designed and completed vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells in both sandstones and shales. I gained an economic
knowledge of the results achieved by the changes in drilling and completion design and used the statistics to make small and measurable changes in both production and reserves. I successfully implemented an innovative completion technique
that changed company practices and saved over 38% of the cost of stimulating vertical wells with stacked pay.

Stimulation Engineer
Jan 2005 - Jan 2008 Schlumberger

Lead Engineer for stimulation crew covering Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.
I was also the company-wide lead engineer for teaching and running operations for JITP stimulations.


Bachelor's of Science - Chemical Engineering
Sep 2000 - May 2005 Louisiana Tech University