Feb 07, 2023


  • Production Manager / CEO
  • Middlesbrough, TS1 4JH, UK
Part time Drilling Oil & Gas Production and Operations Petroleum Engineering QA-Quality Control Science

Personal Summary

Highly motivated Postgraduate Student, currently seeking paid full time, contract or part-time work experience (up
to 20 hours per week)

Analysis and Research Skills: A Quality Assurance and Education researcher with experience in different sectors
such as production industries, Non-governmental Organization and Education.
● A project executor, with willingness to learn more while pursuing a career.
Time and Management Skills: An experienced Administrative Officer in an NGO, with skills on planning and
prioritizing organizational projects. A team lead and good time manager.
● Project driven and a planner with a can-do attitude; a report writer that pays attention to details.
● A fast learner and goal oriented.
Communication and Teamwork:
● Believes in working as a team and loves sharing of ideas and collaborative decision making in getting
● A good communicator that maintains Interpersonal skills with others as a strength towards achieving
positive results.
● Believes that unity is power, and that we can achieve more when we unite together positively and contribute
IT / Data Collection Skills:
● A User of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and CorelDraw, Internet, and also undergoing training on the
modern application software and programming languages.
● A data analyst.

Work Experience

Production Manager / CEO
Jun 2018 - Dec 2022

Responsible for Production of home cleaning materials and deodorants such as Dish washing soap, Liquid
Air freshener, Disinfectants, Perfume, etc.
● Supervised and ensures the quality of raw materials as well as fished products
● Reporting for the quality of finished product at the end of batch production
● Authorizes the transfer of finished products to the sales department.

Administrative Officer
Nov 2021 - Oct 2022 an NGO in Abia, Nigeria

● Carried out administrative roles in the office and ensures the safety of life and properties in the center.
● Prepares Monthly operation cost for the center and monitors the general operation
● Organized Internal training on safety at work and paid advocacy visits to the beneficiaries.
● Successfully Planned, organized and led a project team, and reports data generated timely and monthly.
● Worked with the monitoring and evaluation team and successfully completed projects within the time frame.
● Prepared a weekly scheduled meeting for the progress of each center, etc.

Chemistry / Science Teacher
Aug 2014 - Nov 2021 Adventist Secondary Technical College Owerrinta

● Taught Chemistry in the class at Senior Secondary level Education 1,2 and 3
● Organized and supervised Practical classes for students as part of the curriculum
● Prepares Laboratory Chemicals for Experiments (Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis) during practical
● Organized External excursions for students to have industrial experience during the time of study
● Arranged an extension class for special need students that requires one -on-one tutorial
● Comprehensive assessment of the student's performance through Assignments, Seminar Presentation and Examinations.
● Elected as the Assistant Dean of studies, hostel master and Deputy Staff secretary of the school
● Appointed as the Coordinator of Cosmetology entrepreneurial skill in the Science Department.
● Successfully trained Students on how to improve their skills by teaching them soap, detergent, perfume,
Disinfectant and hand sanitizer production.
● Registrant during open days and supervised student's screening internal and external examinations
● Participated in the purchasing of laboratory Chemicals to be used during practical classes in the school
● Responsible for production of Hostel cleaning Materials such as Toilet Cleaners, Air fresheners,
Disinfectants etc.

Assistant Health, Safety and Environmental Officer
Jan 2015 - Dec 2017 Industrial paper Mill Limited

● Ensured maximum compliance to the safety rules by all staff
● Adhering to the safety procedures associate with the paper recycling industry
● Identifying hazardous elements in the company
● Organizing training / safety workshops for the entire staff quarterly.
● Developing Safety Manuals and guidelines for training
● Running first aid training and assisting injured staff in order to get proper treatment. Etc.

Quality Control Laboratory Technician
Dec 2013 - Dec 2014 PZ Cussons Nigeria plc, Aba, Abia State

Responsible for testing the quality of raw materials used in soap making such as Caustic soda, fatty acids,
Additives etc.
● Responsible for determination of the moisture content of the raw materials and finished products with the use of Halogen Moisture Analyzer, oil sampling, run-off storage tanks, etc.
● Assisted a technician in determining the Fatty acid level of oils used for production by the use of Gas-
● Determination of mass of samples, by electronic weighing scale, TDS and, PH by the use of PH meter
● Ensured that the standard Operating Procedure (SOP) with respect to working standards in the laboratory
are kept etc.

Deputy Cadet-in-Chief NYSC
Nov 2012 - Nov 2013 Federal Road Safety Corps

● Embarked on sensitization of students on the use of roads and obeying road signs
● Successfully assisted the FRSC team in a rescue mission for accident victims on the road.
● Initiated and Completed Road signs projects such as Installation of Billboards and signpost etc.
● Coordinated and reported the outcome of our weekly meetings to the FRSC. etc.


Masters - Petroleum Engineering
Jan 2023 - Nov 2025 Teesside University
Bsc. - Industrial Chemistry
Sep 2007 - Nov 2011 Abia State University
Senior Certificate
Sep 2000 - Jun 2006 Holyland Christian College
Leaving Certificate
Sep 1992 - Dec 1996 Community Primary School