Mar 01, 2023

Reservoir Engineer

$115,000 - $145,000 yearly
  • Fervo Energy
  • Hybrid (Houston, TX or Golden, CO)
Full time Reservoir

Job Description

The Reservoir Engineer will be responsible for providing reservoir engineering analysis to support Fervo Energy’s geothermal exploration and development activities. This position will play a key role in shaping the development strategy, evaluating investment opportunities, and optimizing reservoir performance across Fervo’s growing project portfolio. Responsibilities will include applying advanced reservoir simulation and geomechanics software to perform history matching, production forecasting, well completion and stimulation treatment design optimization, and reservoir management optimization. The Reservoir Engineer will design and implement well testing, reservoir monitoring, stress measurement, and other data acquisition programs to continuously improve Fervo’s field operations. 


  • History match geothermal reservoir simulation models based on field-wide production data
  • Use reservoir simulation to perform production forecasts to evaluate various reservoir management strategies and development plans
  • Work with a cross-functional team of geologists, geophysicists, and drilling & completions engineers to integrate a variety of subsurface data and develop geothermal reservoir conceptual models
  • Develop geomechanical models and evaluate subsurface state of stress
  • Develop and implement data acquisition and well testing programs for Fervo field projects; develop well testing procedures and analyze field data
  • Analyze production and injection data, including pressure transient data, rate-transient data, and diagnostic fracture injection test (DFIT) data
  • Conduct optimization studies and uncertainty quantification; complete production decline curve analysis and reserves forecasting for Fervo projects
  • Work with the project development team to perform financial modeling; assist with asset management and investment analysis/diligence; provide simulation and reservoir engineering support to R&D projects
  • Prepare comprehensive technical evaluations with recommendations
  • Work with the CTO and resource team to identify and evaluate opportunities to deploy innovative technologies to improve reservoir performance
  • Participate in industry meetings and conferences


  • 3+ years of reservoir engineering experience in the oil and gas or geothermal industries
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering; Master’s degree preferred
  • Experience running commercial reservoir simulation software including Eclipse, CMG, Tough2, or TETRAD
  • Experience running commercial or research hydraulic fracture simulation software, including GOHFER, Kinetix, ResFrac, StimPlan, or FrackOptima
  • Experience developing code for advanced reservoir simulation and reservoir geomechanics software
  • Experience in SAGD, water floods, hydraulic fracturing, and well stimulation techniques in unconventional oil and gas
  • Experience in geothermal reservoir engineering in conventional hydrothermal systems
  • Experience working with geomodeling software (EarthVision, GOCAD, LeapFrog, or similar)
  • Experience in data analytics

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