Sep 08, 2022

Mishka Moodley

  • Corporate Planner
Full time Other

Personal Summary

Motivated candidate with experience in research, data analysis, project planning, and accounting. Well-
developed skills in organization, problem-solving, prioritizing, decision making, designing, leadership, and time
management. Able to work well under pressure and meet tight deadlines.

Work Experience

Corporate Planner
Jun 2021 - Valiant TMS

• Collect and analyze data from SAP to prepare material for reporting resource capacity for executive review, customer review, and project managers. Created Power BI Dashboards from scratch to show the data in a way that is more user friendly for department managers to view
• Run biweekly data dumps and analyze these large quantities of data using advanced techniques
in Microsoft Excel, including Marcos and Pivot tables to create Dashboards to present
information clearly to various audience
• Work with Account Managers, Directors, VPs, and Divisional Heads, Project Managers to discuss implementation of new projects and any technical requirements
• Lead weekly meetings with Project Engineers to address any questions or issues they may have
with the Tracking Sheets created for their Projects and the Dashboards made to show the progress and budgeting of these projects
• Managing 25 Automotive projects, 5 Body in White projects, while working on various side
projects and KPI's
• Design, implement, and maintain weekly updates and reporting on project delivery
• Constantly brainstorming new ways to deliver information and increase efficiency on projects.
Created a few Kaizans that have improved efficiency immensely
• Created and revamped various Dashboards and KPIs by automating manual processes using
advanced VBA skills
• Provided training on new Dashboards across the Canadian and USA departments
• Responsible for implementing CoMan in North American offices, provided training to administrate this Software to the BIW Team

Accounting Technician
Nov 2019 - Feb 2021 Roth Mosey and Partners LLP

• Worked closely with Senior Accountants, Managers, and clients to complete corporate and personal taxes for clients
• Performed technical accounting duties, such as verifying information on Taxprep, preparing T1,
T2, T3's, SRED, and examining documents
• Gathered information from Simply Accounting and QuickBooks to complete forms
• Created CDA elections for Canada Revenue Agency
• Communicated with Canada Revenue Agency to obtain information on client's installments,
taxes, and assessments
• Attended talks on tax updates and self-learning programs

Junior Infrastructure Engineer Co-op
May 2016 - Sep 2016 Corporation of the City of Windsor

Created a system that prioritized the roads, sewers, and sidewalks in the City that need to be
• Brainstormed various ideas to make this project more efficient and presented them to various
departments, such as Engineering and Accounting. One of the ideas I pitched was later used to implement this project
• Worked with Accounting to create budgets for each improvement process
• Attended City Council Meetings to see what is acquired for this project and to bring up any
important issues I may have had regarding the project
• Surveyed various roads, sewers, and sidewalks with Senior Engineers to see the conditions and what needs to be done to improve these conditions
• Presented final idea of the project to Head Engineers in the City - the project was approved and is now used to figure out quickly and efficiently which roads, sewers, and sidewalks in the City
need to be redone based on conditions and the budget given

Research Assistant
Jun 2015 - Jul 2016 Cross Border Institute

• Helped develop International Border Management Courses on Blackboard and came up with ways to make this program engaging for the students
• Prepared presentations to show new ideas to the Professor and Director of the Program
• Interacted with the students to address any concerns and assisted in troubleshooting
• Did research on courses and the topics to ensure students have a great experience with the Program


Bachelor of Applied Science - Industrial Engineering
- Apr 2020 University of Windsor