Apr 22, 2022

Application Scientist (AS) & Business Development Manager (BDM) for the verticals Pharmacology & Biotechnology

  • tec5USA
Full time Management Science

Job Description


tec5USA, www.tec5.com/en, is a manufacturer of in-line process spectrometers utilizing UV-VIS, NIR, Raman, and LIBS methodologies. We are the North American subsidiary (Plainview, NY) of the German tec5 AG Group which belongs to the public photonics group Nynomic www.nynomic.com. Rather than waiting for time-consuming laboratory measurements, we enable real-time process verification by rapidly and continuously measuring time-critical chemical and physical parameters to react immediately to deviations in the production line. We hence realize consistent quality, waste minimization and rework reduction, yield maximization, end-to-end supply chain optimization, and pay per content. Industries we serve are semiconductor manufacturing equipment, thin-film technology, chemistry, petrochemistry, environmental technology, pharmaceutical and biotechnology, food, feed, and beverages as well as agriculture. Reference customers are BASF, Albemarle, Evonik, Siemens, Philips, 3M, Onto, Merck, Sanofi, Pion, etc. Our company culture values are trust, accountability, integrity, passion, perseverance, continuous improvement, customer focus, and service and innovation. The company is rapidly growing.


- MSc or Ph.D. in pharmacology, biotechnology, or analytical chemistry
- Deep Proficiency and 5-10 years of hands-on experience esp. in optical, molecular spectroscopy with a focus on UV-VIS, NIR, and Raman
- Professional expertise and 5-10 years of experience in pharmacology or biotechnology-related enterprises
- Talent and Drive for Business Development
- Skilled in generating PowerPoint presentations
- Excellent language, communication, and presentation skills in front of bigger audiences
- Combines scientific and sales skills to successfully design-in process instruments into industry automation process environments (typ. takes 2-3 years)
- Basic experience in Project Management
- Willingness and ability to work independently from a home office in a remote location in the US or at our premises
- Perseverance when it comes to complex scientific and technological projects
- Ability for teamwork (in order to collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team (chemists, physicists, electrical, optical engineers, and also Sales Development Representatives and MarCom))
- Must fit into AS & BDM team (majorly Ph.D. chemists) and live our company culture


- Reporting to the Head of Application Science and Business Development Chemistry, Pharmacology & Biotechnology
- Application Science (Lab work required either at our premises or at an outsourced laboratory: feasibility studies, wet chemistry analyses (GC, HPLC), spectroscopic data analysis, collaboration with chemometricians)
- Application Marketing (generating Application Marketing Slide Decks, Application Notes, White Papers, contributing to our newsletter)
- Project Management (from feasibility study to IQ, OQ, PQ, and plant installation)
- Business Development (no lead generation necessary, but willing to regularly check-in and follow up with prospective customers)
- Revenue Responsibility for segments Pharmacology & Biotechnology
- Holding webinars and/or exhibiting at trade shows and similar events (during normal times)
- Travelling time currently 0, might go up to 20-30% towards the end of the year 2021
- Territory: North America with a focus on USA and Canada.

The ideal candidate is coming from big pharma or biotechnology-related companies. Long-term standard entries from recruiter databases will be no fit for this highly specialized role, but the candidate should come from a PAT group (Process Analytical Technology) in a big pharma or biotechnology company. Well-connected in the pharma and biotechnology industry is a plus.

No relocation to Plainview, NY necessary. We won’t pay any relocation fees.

Traveling to our HQ in Germany will be seldomly necessary.


- $100,000 - $120,000 base salary (depending on qualification, experience and skills).

Payment is bi-weekly.
- Bonus agreement of $10,000- 30,000 on top (depending on qualification, experience, and skills) based on KPIs (funnel conversion rate, revenue/GP, etc.) and objectives (e.g. winning x new customers during timeframe y, quality of application marketing slide decks, etc.)

Employment at will. We provide technical training (typ. twice a year) and commercial training, esp. for the ERP system and a sales playbook.

Benefits & Perks that are included:

1. Empire Blue Shield Blue Cross Health Insurance incl. dental and vision sponsored by the company
2. 401k
3. Time Off:
a) Vacation:
1st year 11 days; after the first year, employees will earn one additional day of vacation per year up to a maximum of 21 vacation days per calendar year
b) 5 Personal Days
c) 6 Holidays (Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day)
d) Additional holidays: we close down from 12/25 till 1/2 of the following year
4. Company credit card is provided
5. Most employees are members of Marriott Bonvoy and we stay in these hotels. Credits earned can be used for private usage. Same for airline miles such as Delta Airlines.
6. Our travel portal TripActions can be used for booking private journeys at lower rates as well
7. Access to ADP LifeMart, a members-only discount shopping website

All candidates need to go through a comprehensive interview process to ensure finding the right fit:

1. Online Video Conference with our COO Ioana Rednic – overall aptitude, company culture, willingness to work independently, goal orientation
2. Personality test per email (e.g. DISC or situational judgment tests)
3. Invitation to the tec5USA premises in Plainview, NY:
a. Hands-on spectroscopy measurements in our lab with our Head of Application Science Dr. Jude Schneck to prove spectroscopy proficiency and experience in UV-VIS, NIR, and Raman
b. Interview with our CEO Sebastian Huelck (acting as Head of Sales & Marketing) – technical skills, market know-how, overall Sales & Marketing skills
4. Online PowerPoint presentation in front of several tec5USA staff members to ensure presentation skills
5. Final Interview with HR 

All candidates must agree to employer background checks. They moreover must confirm in writing that they haven’t signed non-compete covenants for any kind of spectroscopy design and manufacturing before in case they are being recruited from our competitors. Signing the employee handbook and an NDA will be due on the first workday. Residence permit and work authorization in the US are mandatory.

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