Feb 22, 2021

Well Intervention Operations - Production Engineer based in Saudi Arabia

  • Aramco Asia Singapore Pte Ltd
  • Taranaki, New Zealand
Full time Oil & Gas Production and Operations Petroleum Engineering

Job Description

This is a full time, permanent and residential position based in Saudi Arabia.

Position Description:
We are seeking an Oil and Gas Production Engineer specialized in well intervention operations to join Northern Area Well Completion Operations Department (NAWCOD). The department provides well services and completion activities for Aramco Oil and Gas wells in Northern Area of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The engineer will handle the complexity and activities related to gas, oil and water wells (both producers and injectors naturally or artificially), in addition to engineering consultation and investigation. You should have a background of monitoring the drilling operations, completion design, flowback/testing operations, chemical treatments, logging and interventions, hydraulic fracturing and integrity assurance to perform remedial work for production enhancement.

Minimum Requirements:
The successful candidate should have a Bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering. MS degree is desirable, but not required; intensive industry training including specialized courses and seminars is expected.

Must have at least 15 years of related experience, including 5 years intensive field experience in well interventions particularly Coiled Tubing and Wireline operations.

Experience working in sour oil fields with high H2S concentration, onshore and offshore environments, and smart well completions. Experience with HP/HT and high rate gas wells intervention is also required.

Provide technical support of well operations, including all aspects of well interventions; well stimulation, hydraulic fracturing, well testing, well integrity and application of state-of-the-art technologies. It is also required to have strong technical capabilities in coiled tubing, electric-line and slickline conveyance.

Active in related professional societies and have achieved professional recognition through knowledge sharing webinars/seminars, publications, international professional committees’ activities, etc.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The successful candidate will be expected to perform the following:

Provide centralized engineering support for all NAWCOD operations.

Ensure well intervention requirements are technically and operationally feasible and can be conducted safely.

Ensure all well interventions and testing equipment being used in NAWCOD meet jobs safety and technical requirements.

Liaise with Production Engineering to prepare activity level forecasts.

Initiate, facilitate and evaluate trial tests of new technologies.

Conduct well intervention operation audits, including service providers and personnel competency performance, to ensure compliance with the best in class practices.

Evaluate offshore vessels employed for well services operations for safety compliance and technical needs.

Monitor and evaluate condition of existing well services equipment and prepare replacement plans.

Generate and maintain Operational Instruction Manuals (OIM) for all NAWCOD operations.

Monitor NAWCOD well intervention performance and issue technical reports, accordingly.

Evaluate and recommend modifications of operational procedures for continuous improvement in safety and efficiency.

Prepare and disseminate best practices as well as conduct technical training and awareness sessions.

This is a full time, permanent and residential position based in Saudi Arabia.

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